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Fresh Flowers for Hours , Trendy Hair Clips for Fresh Flowers

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The FlowerPik is a one of a kind hair clip that holds water for a fresh flower.

It is said, that wearing a flower on your right ear shows that you are looking for a mate. Wearing it on the left side, closest to your heart says you are taken.

Any way you wear your FlowerPik, it will keep your flower fresh and secure in your hair all day and night!

This all in one hydrated clip is the solution to using bobbie pins and barrettes to keep flowers in your hair!

The Must Have Hair Accessory For Every Occasion!

A Flower and Water is All You Need!

Beaches, Brides, Proms & Beyond!

"I like to wear flowers in my hair but they wilt, How great is this company?!"

Jill Martin on the Today Show

"You hide it with hair..how adorable is that?!"

Kathy Lee Gifford on the Today Show