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Our Story

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A family, working together, to help you bring the aroma and beauty of nature, wherever you go.

FlowerPik® - The must-have hair accessory for any occasion!

The Beginning

After 11 years of marriage and two wonderful children later, my husband, O’Donell and I finally took the honeymoon we never had. Living on the Oregon Coast, we longed for some tropical weather. We had never left the children (Erika 11 & Ocean 9) before, and knew they would be in good hands with my brother and sister-in-law. Their five children and ours are the best of friends. My sister-in-law took the large task of continuing all of the children's home schooling while we were gone. Needless to say they had a great time.

The Vacation

Our destination was Maui, and it was my first time exploring the island. My Mom made arrangements with a local to supply me with a beautiful, scented, Tuberose Lei. I loved wearing it in the condo but it was a bit to manage on our outings. Still wanting that aloha feel, I would go out my condo door and Pik a fallen plumeria placing it behind my ear. Unfortunately, the Jeep we rented was unforgiving to my wilting flower.

The FlowerPik is Born

Over a farewell meal, our last day on the Island, the concepts of the FlowerPik were formed. We knew the Pik had to hold just enough water to keep your flower fresh and secure in your hair. We worked with a manufacturer in Oregon, keeping the FlowerPik Made in the USA. Whether it be an aromatic tropical flower, or a favorite from your garden, the FlowerPik is “The must-have hair accessory for any occasion”.

Thank you for trying our product, may you enjoy it as much as we do!

Danielle Doyle and Family